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It is Toa-Tone's responsibility that we shall appropriately protect and handle any personal information provided by the customers. Taking such recognition into the consideration, Toa-Tone shall set basic policy pertaining to treatment of personal information as follows:

Purpose of Use

We are engaged in contracting of civil works, manufacturing and sales of foundation engineering equipment and drilling equipment. In orde to achieve our business aforementioned or prescribed by articles of association, we may use personal information provided by customers.

Provision of Personal Information

Toa-Tone shall appropriately manage personal information provided by customers and shall not forward such personal information to third parties without customer's consent. However, we may provide such personal information to third party without prior consent of customer in case of following events.

(1) In case of lawful requisition
(2) In case there is a difficulty to get cutomer's consent when a provision of personal information is required for the protection of human life, or physical or property conservation.
(3) In case there is a difficulty to get cutomer's consent when a provision of personal information is required especially for the improvement of public health.

Supervision of Trustee

When Toa-Tone uses personal information, we may entrust third party with personal information within the limit of purpose of use. We appropriately supervise the trustee in order to get them followed safety administration measures.

Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information

If customer or his representative requests Toa-Tone to disclose, revise and suspend the use for personal information that we own, we appropriately and immediately take a necessary action. You are kindly requested to contact us by phone, mail, fax or through inquiry form.
When we receive such request from customer, we may check customer's identification with the either of driver's license, passport, health insurance card or certificate of a seal-impression. In case of request from customer's representative, we may check power attorney issued by customer and certificate of a seal-impression of customer.